Verb: To scroll through all of your personal email and social media on your couch or bean bag at the end of a hard day. You find this to be an effective way to decompress or chill.
I'll be scrollaxing until 7:00, but I'll meet you at the bar at 7:30.

"What are your plans for tonight bro?" "It's really cold outide so I think I'm just going to stay in and do some scrollaxing on my iPad."
by Harry Duh Hound Dog March 15, 2016
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Going comatose after the massive influx of information you experienced from checking all your social media apps.
Dave: Dude wtf r u?

Blake: Fuck bro idk! I was just checking my social media updates now i dont know what the fuck is going on!

Dave: ok chill man ive heard this before, your going through post scrollaxing. Stare at the wall for 15 minutes and you'll be fine. Then bring your ass to the stank lodge.
by kiosk fart October 15, 2016
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