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The tasty byproduct of a Sunday Roast i.e. The blackish remnants of meat & potato which has been baked onto your roasting dish.
You can have most of the roasties but make sure you leave me some scrimmins ye bollix.
by JBT3333 October 31, 2014
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noun, in reference to one's leftovers. Specifically relating to the act of having sexual relations with a loose broad, previously banged out by your boys, but not limited to; pizza, cigarettes, warm beer, numbies, or anything else found half way desirable by a man who is incapable of fulfilling his needs, whatever they may be.
Peyton: Dude I totally banged Svetlana last night
Pimp: Been there, done that.
Peyton: What's that supposed to mean, asshole.
Pimp:It means you got scrimmins, cuz.

At the end of a bag of salt and vinegar chips, a man in need humbly states....."Yo dude, let me get that scrimmins."

The situation = two dudes, late night, one cig....
Oye dah, fuck shorts, fuck jailhouse, give me scrimmins on that cig.

by mackanooks April 17, 2008
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