i A Screamed-belt. ii. A method of singing where the singer tries to belt and ends up screaming. Most often occurs when the singer is trying to belt higher than a D above middle c. iii. How one acquires vocal nodules.
Sarah was really fierce in senior showcase! She totally screlted a high C!
by Mierce Kitty October 25, 2010
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A term used to describe the upper most part of the female "belt" voice. A chesty mix of sorts, generally accompanied by copious amounts of ping. Screlting in the female voice begins around an F5 and extends upward.

Etymology: Scream + Belting = screlting

Variations: Screlter (one who screlts)
"Christina Aguilera can out-screlt Celine Dion any day!"

"That sure was some face melting screlting!"
by myneckmyback March 20, 2010
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