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Screeton, if you are born with this last name you are derived from royalty and a smooth pimp daddy and you slang the dick often, also you probaly smoke hella weed and have a bad habit of drinking too much alcohol also if you are not born with the last name Screeton then you are not a smooth pimp daddy that slangs the dick you are a hoe and you should get used to it and if anyones got anything to say about that they can holler at me usually stay around the MPG so holler!
(dude 1)Ay! is that dudes last name Screeton? (dude 2) yea dont fuck wit dem essays dey loco dey will fuck you up cuz they dont play that shit they keep it real in the MPG. (dude 2) fuck that ima go rob that nigga (dude 1) suit your self cuz. (dude 2)hey gimme all yo shit (screeton) what you say to me cuz, obviousely you dont know who I am cuz (dude 2) i dont give a fuck if you a screeton. (screeton) CAP! CAP! CAP! CAP! CAP! CAP! CAP! CAP! -reload-
(dude 2)........................
(screeton) you dont ever curse when talking in the presence of my name, now you know,(screeton empties pockets, takes clothes, takes earrings and necklace and shoes)see ya on the flip side cuz HA!
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Yea them Screeton boys dont fuck around they will pull some shit on you cuz dont fuck with them especially that Z man, so when you read this Z holler back!
Ay is that a Scr...... (12 gauge fires) BOOM! .........................
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