A person who, typically in first person shooters (fps), will look upon someone else's screen. Generally frowned upon, looked-down upon, and it pisses people off.

There are a couple reasons for doing this. It will locate a person for you, and you will know which way to aim. You can see whether or not someone is following you stealth-like, usually only when radars are off. You know which way the bullets are coming from.

Not recommended.
Screen cheaters on Halo 2 pisses people off. It's a low way to get some points.
by Vertigous June 24, 2006
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Someone who, when playing multi-player video games on one screen, looks at your section of the screen to gain an unfair advantage and ultimately to help them win the game that you are playing. Often done by people who are obsessed with video games and have to win.
Evan: Phil stop screen cheating, you are a screen cheater you heartless bastard.

Phil: I'm not I just got lucky!! Awhuhha.
by mattersflatters August 2, 2008
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someone who looks at another persons screen to see where they are in call of duty or halo
by WHATANEWB March 1, 2009
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Someone Who While Playin Halo (Or Any Othe Game With Multiple Screens On The Same T.V.) Looks At Other Players Screens 2 Gain An Edge. One Of The Pussiest Panziest Ways 2 Play A Game, Screen Cheaters Usually Also Enjoy Sitting Down 2 Piss & And Masturbation While Watching Wrestling.
Yo I Thought You Were At Danny's Playin Halo. We Were But Darrin Kept Being A Screen Cheater So I Left And Fucked His Sister.
by Zero (Agent Orange) October 3, 2007
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a person who in video games will look at the opponents' screen to gain an unfair advantage. NCAA Football is a big game that screen cheaters tend to bastardize. screen cheaters always go bonkers if they are figured out and tend to swear on their mother's proverbial grave to disprove any notions. they are the absolute worst and will end up saying the next morning that they were drunk and did not remember anything about it.
James: Branyan you screen-cheating little bitch! that's five plays in a row that you put your defense exactly where my play is going!

by Turner Proverbial September 28, 2010
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