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Someone who has an obsessive amount of tattoos that cover their body and have no meaning.
you: did you see her new tattoo?
me: which one? she's a scratch paper.
by SCOUPZ October 12, 2019
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When an individual ask you a series of questions that should have been written down as notes and is prior information that the individual has had, thus using you as a scratch paper.
Information already provided but still asks is a Scratch Paper Question
When does employee have her days off?
What time does employee work today?
by WisdomThatKnows May 13, 2021
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The act of cumming on a girls back till there is a puddle at the base of her back then dipping your dick into the puddle and doing your homework on her to save paper.
Hey girl, can I use you as scratch paper?
by dabrews April 12, 2017
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