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A Scrapman is that dishwasher at every restaurant, who reguardless of what the food coming back looks like, or how much of it is eaten, will set aside his inhibition and eat scraps off the plate.
"Hope you don't mind the dishes piling up, Scrapman's back there eating the scraps of a Gondola."
by Real Swag Sir December 30, 2011
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A scrapmans is a respectable individual with an IQ of at least 160. In order to maintain this criteria, they must watch Rick and Morty on the daily and understand complicated STEM topics. A scrapman can also be classified as someone who enjoys flying kites or reading a nice novel everyone once and a while. If you meet a scrapmans, you should know they’re highly intellectual and you must become one pronto!
Shock: heather ur a fucking scrapmans
Heather: wubba lubba dub dub.
Shock: proven.
by Weewooooo December 13, 2017
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