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Someone who plays Scrabble with a group of friends, and deliberately uses questionable word choices in order to start a screaming match. Usually ends with said person googling the word on Scrabble's website, proving everyone wrong, and never getting invited back to game night.
Bill: How was game night last Thursday?
Maureen: It was great, we played Scrabble. Jeff's friend Dexter was kind of a dick though.
Bill: Why's that?
Maureen: He played a bullshit word, then yelled at us when we called him on it. We all started screaming at him, but it ended up being some prehistoric Alaskan hermaphroditic lobster-cantaloupe, and it was on the official word list.
Bill: Dexter sounds like a real Scrabble-rouser.
by SauceDiesel June 16, 2017
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