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Scotian is a term used for people who are from Nova Scotia. Scotian's are known for thier short tempers and not really caring. Really we dont give a shit. In a fight scotian's are like savages. Pent up rage is like our specialty along with a dose of insanity, love for violence, & ability to take and dish beatings like no other canadian.
Man I seen this crazy scotian take on 4 guys last night. He was talking a beating and laughed at them. In the end he went insane and beat the shit out of them. It took 5 other people just to hold him back.
by Recker84 September 23, 2008
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The people from Nova Scotia. Smallest dicks of Canada, and second worst fish-breath. Usually go fishing, but ran out of fish from over eating (hence the fish-breath) so now they just go to the oil fields in Alberta and make more money than they would fishing. Ben Hines is probably the best out of all of them, but that's because he's an honourary Albertan, and not really a fishy dude. Still though, if you see him somewhere, point and laugh, he's used to it.
"Dude, that guy is so Scotian!
-yea, he has a teensie dick and smells worse than a chicks puss"
by ben mahfuckin hines September 23, 2009
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