A perverse and immoral campaign by NPs (Non-Physicians) and nurse anesthetist midlevels trying to undercut actual doctors from patient care. They attended online nursing school and have a license in nursing but somehow think they're qualified to practice medicine. This is an obvious attempt at validation after failing to make it into med school.
CRNA: "My nursing license I achieved online tells me all the time I'm just as good as an anesthesiologist"
NP: "After I cheat on this online exam, I'll perpetuate some scope creep on my blog"
by PerryCox December 10, 2020
When the limits of a project are expanded by a client
I was going to make a simple web site but my client held a gun to my head and now I'm making a cell phone app that is also a bomb guided gps with and mapped with klm files via the google earth application interface. You need a gun sometimes to defend against scope creep.
by zipthwung01 January 23, 2010
A person who needs to continuously drink a lot of Scope due to bad breath and/or a dependence on the mind altering effects of Scope. Also displays a tendency to ramble incessantly and go well beyond the point of a conversation. See def #1, above.
Try to avoid Marc if you can. He's a Scope Creep and will corner you for hours with his yuckmouth and rambling about nothing.
by Raspberry Jam/The Great Magoo February 8, 2010