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An underground movement sweeping the world! The hidden placement of Electronics Boutique barcode sticker for Playstation 2 game "Scooby-Doo! Night of 100 Frights" for personal profit or gain.

Appearing as nothing more than a small yellow sticker reading |PO-SCOOBY NIG PS2| <SKU1216332>to the average customer, but as the source of much gayest to one young scholar who noted the hilarity of this phrase, and discovered something amazing.

To place a |PO-SCOOBY NIG PS2| sticker in a hidden location, in order to "Scooby Nig" someone soon became a popular trend spreading throughout the underground gaming scene of Sydney and into nationwide retailers such as TicketMaster and JB-HiFi.

Now more a curse than a gift, Scooby Nig'ing has reached frenzy point as reels of pre-owned stickers are stolen to for fill the jester like addiction of weak-minded EB Games employees everywhere.

This trend was popularised by EB Staff Bodie, Peter & Lee.
*Bodie goes about daily task*
*Bodie interacts with mundane object*
*Bodie Spots covertly placed |PO-SCOOBY NIG PS2| bar code*
Bodie shouts "AHHH SCOOBY NIG‽"

Lee and Peter High-Five.

Note: Being Scooby Nig'd must be followed by a verbilised Interrobang‽
by Syro December 02, 2009
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