A derogatory word for a person from England or someone affecting a British manner.
"Those darn sconeheads won't shut up about Manchester U, and what's with all this tea they keep drinking?"
by Admiral Snackbar July 05, 2004
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the term scone head is often used by young children who tend to get in trouble if the actually swear
'ere m8 ya scone head!'
by daniel hobbs September 29, 2006
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A term of affection for young family members, friends' kids, etc. Used mainly in Liverpool, UK. Presumably a corruption of the Dutch "schoonheid" for (a) beauty/handsome, from the German "SchΓΆnheit"; (a) beauty.
Come 'ed scone-head; giz a go on that Playstation!
by Heurrgh June 14, 2018
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