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Small krill from the north-eastern region of the Sierras. Dangerous alone while also powerful in numbers. Barely larger than plankton. Unusual cravings for left hand side of the Male Humans ribs. Rump-a-la-kala is usually bubbly and nice. Beaver tends to exceed safety regulations on a consistent basis. Poor Eyesight. Hot-Blooded. Gay for chick flicks. Coffee addiction's prevalent. Strengths- Ability to Love unconditionally, feminine nature, HoTT, Rump-a-licious. Weaknesses- Nose, Creases, Crevice's, Mustaches, Nail Clipping sounds, and farts, especially of the dutch variety.
Residents of the greater Tahoe basin, the Schrimpf is elusive and vaginal... usually feminine.
by Lova-Boy December 02, 2010
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