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When someone thinks traps aren't gay as long as you can't see the dick
Guy 1: Traps are gay
Guy 2: If you don't see the penis it isn't
Guy 1: "it's not gay as long as I don't see the dick"
Guy 1: Schrödinger's Faggot
by Protegent August 28, 2017
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As long as you can't see the penis of a trap , it is not considered gay.

A trap (tranny , transgender ) adaptation of the famous thought experiment by Erwin Schrödinger
"I came across nudes of this fine girl Gina McSoftcokk, but found that it's actually a tranny. Thank goodness the poster didn't post any full body pictures so Schrodinger's Faggot applied and I could jack it to her without straying from my straight sexuality. " - Desperate incel
by knikknax July 16, 2018
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1. Someone who may or may not be gay.

2. When you have sexual relations with someone of the same sex to find out whether you're gay, bi, or straight.
J: "Dude, did you hear John banged a dude the other night to see if he was gay?"
K: "He like it?"
J: "Yeah I think so."
K: "Classic case of schrodinger's faggot."
by Pope Supreme June 15, 2017
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Also known as 4-Chan's Principle.

Based off of quantum mechanics, Schrödinger's Faggot is the law that determines if an encounter with a trap is gay or not. If you agree to have sexual relations with a trap, the encounter is only deemed to be gay after you are made aware the person is actually a man.
Bill: Fuck dude, a trap tricked me into letting them suck my dick.

Jack: When did Schrödinger's Faggot take into effect?

Bill: When they asked me to suck theirs.
by Nut_Zach August 21, 2018
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