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The longest single-syllable word. Originally dubbed "Schphleempst" before a K was added to elongate it. And just now, I added an silent H. Currently spelled with 14 letters, this word is open to additional characters. I have always dreamed of spelling it with a silent 6 or a wing-ding symbol of a small rubber duck or the embodied representation of anxiety or a family portrait from 1974 or 57 silent letters that would otherwise spell out an ancient proverb about ravens.

Possible definitions:
1) A large bird-shaped dust pan.
2) An awkward pause between two separate tarot card readings.
3) A souvenir pig fetus.
4) A rectangular circle that looks like a triangle.
5) An Iranian in Texas.
1) "Hand me that schphlee6mpstkh so I can sweep up this dust, Kevin!"

2) "The psychic told me I was going to meet my spirit guide. And then he totally schphleepstkhed!"

3) "I went to the carnival and all I got was this schphleempstkh..."

4) "Mr. Nowak! When am I ever gonna need to calculate the surface area of a schphleempstkh in the real world?"

5) "Arash used to be a schphleempstkh, but now he's just a dink."
by Adam Manpates January 13, 2010
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