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The act of inflicting pain to a male by forcing the genitalia to come into contact with a free standing upright object usually a flag pole or car park bollard. This is best achieved by 4 people holding on to each of the victims appendages’ i.e. two arms and two legs and carrying said victim (horizontal to the ground) to the site of punishment. Once at the pole or bollard, the victims legs are then spread apart to the extent that the pole or bollard can be fit between the victims legs and the crotch area can now come into contact with object. Best results are achieved when the victim is lifted off the ground and swung horizontally by the arms and legs so that the crotch is bashed repeatedly against the pole or bollard.
Did you see Geoff get a School Yard Polling this morning?
Yeah man that was nasty! I could hear him squealing, his balls must be purple by now!
by Nasty Cuss May 05, 2011
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