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A strict dress code set up by schools to keep students in line. Originally used by Catholic and Private schools, uniforms have become a growing trend in public schools since the mid-90s. Uniforms in Public Schools are often put in to cut down on fights, rough housing, and gang activity and boost overall student performance, which turns out unsuccessful more than 99% of the time.
Aw dude did you hear? We're gonna have to start wearing school uniforms next year! Weak!
by Gaaraofthedamned December 27, 2010
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The school board's clever way to rob everyone of their individuality. The epitome of suckiness.
School uniforms suck because everyone has to dress the same. At my school, our clothing was our only way of self- expression, now they've taken that away from us. Matching clothes, natural hair color, no visible piercings. What's next?
by no use for a name July 29, 2005
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Used to promote a sense of unity among students, and keep other kids from getting picked on for not being able to wear all the latest fasion designs and saves parents from having to spend millions on school shopping. Doesn't rob students of their individuality, but teaches them how to dress respectfully and find other ways to be individual. It's a good idea if its introduced to students the right way and not heavily regulated.
Person 1: School uniforms supress our individuality.
Person 2: No, it stops us from judging by appearances all the time and teaches us how to be individuals aside from our appearance. It only sucks if you have to where them for the entire school year, every single day. You should get used to it seeing as most jobs these days have dress codes and/or require their employees to wear uniforms.
by Detrimental Deity January 14, 2006
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