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A place where the cows an buffalo graze the fields and they can be smelled through all of Town. All the roads are top notch offering various sizes of potholes and randomly turning to dirt. Schodack Town Hall is the tallest structure, though only on floor is used. Several police forces guard this town, though it has next to no crime. Shine Time Carwash is the epitome of the sprawling business section, and stands on the line of the better, East Greenbush. The elusive RYAN KELLY can be found here.
Reginold: Oy chap would you like to venture to Schodack?
Rupert: Sounds simply divine! Is there a lot to do there?
Reginold: Absolutely nothing!
(both share a laugh because it's so true)

by Jarzz April 29, 2009
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a pretty lovely small town full of pretty effing douchey and lame people. just far enough from albany to be considered "the middle of nowhere" even though most people really have nothing to complain about. truly the ideal location for those seeking a good mix of city/rural.
schodack close enough to albany, and far enough from albany.
by awwhellyaw April 28, 2009
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