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Discreet name for Marijuana. The term is typically used to indicated 'a small amount'. The bugs of the Marijuana plant are small in nature, thus the inspiration for the term.
Hey man, I need to smoke some schmidge.
by Schmidgenator February 03, 2012
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Originating from a host in southwest Ohio who is legendary for altering the English language, this term is most often used in an office setting and means "a little bit," or "basic."
My co-worker needs a schmidge of help figuring out what he is doing.

Boss to Subordinate: Please give John a schmidge of help so he doesn't create bigger problems than he already has.

Originator to Co-worker: Bill, I'm somewhat lost, as usual. I could really use a schmidge of help figuring things out.
by Disgruntled in the Office July 21, 2011
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