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an emo + a scene. This person is really emo, but likes to wear buckets of eye-liner like a scene. They are overly happy but hate thee world in the most joyous way.

Their continuous hatred towards people is matched only by their love for depressive bands that like to yell their emotional messages violently at their listener.
Sceemos tend to hang-out with the brutally honest and triangle loving filter addicted hipsters whilst simultaneously hating tumblr wannabe alternatives.
OMG Becky she is such a Moe'Fresking Sceemo good gratious Shaniqua!

Tenishia had so much eyeliner and was listening to Black Veil Brides i reckn' she's turning into a sceemo.

I like for shizzle like being emo but scene like so totally relates to my soul, i think ima be a sceemo!
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