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A substance that forms in the gooch while masturbating and pooling together a combination and balanced portion of unwapped feceas and sweat (swass), pubic hair, cum, friction made scabs and other substances from a general lack of hygiene, that consist of a yogurt or porridge texture, and will continue to be caked onto or in a man or woman gooch, ball sack or vaginal folds until washed, squashed, falls off or is used...
-My friend tried to buttercuped me so I scatpidge him and now we both have pink eye, but at least I can still see.

-I was scatpidging one night and working on it's girth until my mom came in and saw my load, now I live alone in a clay igloo south of Cuba made from all my hard work.

-Last Thursday I got caught for trespassing and tried to run away but my pants got caught on the fence and tore out my scatpidge load, needless to say I got away...

-It was that time of again and was trying to find my maxies but I then realised I do need them, I still have on my scatpidge so I'm set

-I looked at my girlfriend and said it's scatppening, she looked at me confused, then I reached for my scatpidge load and proceeded to use it as lubricant, she then throw up on it, which only helped to futher the scatppening. While she was bent over coughing I was just about to take my gentle mans position when it scatpened, she fell face first while coughing over my impressive scatpidge load, so I grabbed her head and forced...
by Suds scrub June 22, 2018
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