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Someone who is extremely messy. They leave mess wherever they go and never clean up after them self.
Person 1: Oh My Gosh that person is such a scatbag!
Person 2: What?
Person1: She’s super messy, she found a rotting banana peel in her bag last week.

Person 2: Yeah, she’s definitely a scatbag.
by noticeboard May 11, 2018
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Someone who is extreemly scatty, ie wierd, drug fucked, wreked!
OMG, Jane's being scatty today. Why is she putting bread in the dog's basket. What a scatbag!!!
by Janinegim May 27, 2007
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A questionably attractive girl, who still gets fucked because she is so easy.

Also used to describe and ugly stripper, who still makes loads of money because she gives out 'extras'
Craze: If nothing else comes up I will fuck her tonight
Gem: Better than nothing but she is a Scat bag though
by Gemster May 21, 2007
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