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Angry reaction to an unexpected scandal.
Outrage at the revelation of scandalous details.
Scandangering: Shocked anger provoking intrique and interest.
Scandangerousness: level of anger, shock, or outrage provoked by scandal

Scandanger is often misconstrued as hidden danger from rogue scanners
"Political careers are often ruined due to the scandanger of the populace regardless of the scandal's accuracy or lack thereof."

"Shock jock entertainers thrive on scandanger to keep their audience riveted for more details."

Scandangering: "Certain entertainers whose careers depend on their outrageousness deliberately foster scandanger to keep themselves in the news."

Scandanerousness: "The Dixie Chicks' lead singer underestimated the scandangerousness of her decision to make a negative comment on stage about the president of the United States."

by Siagiah Karlsson December 12, 2006
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