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An act in which one takes upon himself/herself (gender equality) to scam (or steal) from a scammer whom has attempted or in awfully dastardly cases succeeded to scam you.
The SCAMMER is in most cases a squeaky American child who’s balls I assume will NEVER drop.
Scammer: DuDe WhY dId YoU tAkE aLl My ItEMS!?!?!?!

Good Guy: Scammer get scammed.
by Dickhead382 August 06, 2018
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A weird genera of youtube videos were grown adults play a kids game and pay fans from there channel to stage "scammer get scammed" skits and usually the you-tuber will tell the kid some weird catchphrase so they can click bait it in there video
scammer get scammed; Scammer Says he's twelve-teen!!!
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by Jays_friend January 17, 2019
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