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The scale for defining the amount of gayness in a male, as defined by Michael R. Holt in early 2007. The female equivalent has never been officially made, although it is no doubt similar in many ways. The initial reason for the creation of the scale, in Michael's own words, was that "Not everything sexual can be defined as simply 'gay' or 'not gay' - it's far more complex than that."

The scale ranges from 1 (completely straight) to 10 (completely gay), with bisexual ranging from 5-6, depending on preference. Michael often notes that full 1's and 10's are particularly rare.

The numbers are as follows:
1 - Completely straight: only ever enjoyed porn with just singular women in it, or lesbians. If you've ever seen a man naked while erect, you are immediately bumped up to a...

2 - Mostly straight: has enjoyed porn with naked men in it , even though the main focus of the viewer was on the woman in the porn

(2.5 - Pretty straight: has enjoyed porn with mostly-female hermaphrodites in it)

3 - Moderately straight: has enjoyed porn with mostly-female transexuals (people born men, but surgically and often hormonally altered to resemble women) in it

4 - Slightly straight: has enjoyed porn with mostly-convincing transvestites (men who only dress like women, but have not had surgery or hormones to resemble them) in it

truncated for length
Dude, you remember that hot chick I was making out with last night? Once I took her home, I found out she had a c**k! I didn't really mind, though - I think I may've moved up to a 3 on the Scale O' Gayness, bro.
by English Master MRH September 23, 2010
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