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The smallest and crappest village in the whole of Northampton. Famous residents include the 'One ball kid', 'Melon man', 'K-mouse' ect. So crap it doesnt even have a shop, gets regularly boid off by Walgrave, even Old joins in too. Generally a tramps place to live in, stay away if you value your health.
Some Shit Village, e.g, Hahaha thats almost as bad as Scaldwell
by H Kid is Gayyyy January 30, 2009
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Scaldwell is the hardest village around only propa hench mans can live in it. there is a family of 4 called the saunders' and one of them is choong. they fight over turf and have done since 1880. they had the great turf was of 1996 against brixworth who got boid off with a shank.
a small village which is hard like scaldwell
by harry saunders January 13, 2009
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