Origin: Kung Fu Panda
Word used to express utter, unsurpassed awesomeness.
You are playing Halo with the guys and you set up for a sniper kill, as you pull the trigger you say with a hint of coolness, "Scadoosh!" as they die. This can be followed by a victory dance or whatever you so please.
by M@ Williamson June 09, 2008
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the term for using your belly to hit people with; usually used in kung fu fighting, Fat people, to cover head with butt COMPLETLEY, pinky threshold, stealing monkeys almond cookies
i totally scadooshed him today in kung fu.
by winberg tyler July 10, 2008
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a boy who decides its a good idea to tell you he will call you back and never does.


people who enjoy ruining your day, week, month, year, life.

dude he said he'd call.
what a freaking scadoosh bag!

why does that scadoosh bag keep looking this way.

they just have to be scadoosh bags all the time don't they.
by Clamo November 01, 2008
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