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Origin: Kung Fu Panda
Word used to express utter, unsurpassed awesomeness.
You are playing Halo with the guys and you set up for a sniper kill, as you pull the trigger you say with a hint of coolness, "Scadoosh!" as they die. This can be followed by a victory dance or whatever you so please.
by M@ Williamson June 09, 2008
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The act of walking up to a girl and smacking her breast from the top in order to make it bounce up and down.
John walked up to Katie raised his hand and scadooshed her chest. Her boobies bounced up and down.

Hey Katie what's girl? Skadoosh!
by crazy spartan July 29, 2009
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the term for using your belly to hit people with; usually used in kung fu fighting, Fat people, to cover head with butt COMPLETLEY, pinky threshold, stealing monkeys almond cookies
i totally scadooshed him today in kung fu.
by winberg tyler July 10, 2008
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