A chain of fast-food pizza restaurants, like the one in the Warwick Mall, in R.I. which used to be staffed in the 1980's by some of the hottest big-haired chicks you ever wanted to fuck.
Let's go to Sbarro's and pick up something pizza & pussy
by Eastside Mario November 27, 2003
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A person who is new at Sbarros and works really slow. Probably is fifty pounds overweight and votes republican. He is usually a pain in the butt when you try to order your pizza there.
Before and ordering the pizza:
Susumu: What is taking so god dang long!? I've been waiting an hour to order my pizza!
Clerk: Oh, he's new here. He's not used to multitasking, so you might experience delays.

After ordering the pizza:
Kagami: Susumu, what took you so long?
Susumu: Oh, the guy from Sbarros was slow as heck when I was trying to order the pizza.
Kagami: Let's hope we don't run into this again.
by The Real Driller August 12, 2017
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