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The sexiest man alive. He's like David Beckham, Ian Harding, Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling, and Liam Hemsworth all in one. He's super athletic and he knows how play almost any sport right off the bat even if he's never played it before. He's a total pimp at times and girls hang off of him when he's at parties. Killer dancer, like he's the SHIT. Totally swagged out and a crazy singer. Acting skills are off the charts. Shows a tough exterior, but really sweet on the inside. Knows how to make a girl feel good about herself. Always helpful. Great older brother figure. Kind of a bleeding heart, won't rest until you tell you what's wrong and will always do everything in his power to help.
Hey did you see that guy? He's so sweet and sexy.

Yeah, that's Sayahn.

Example 2.

I have a boyfriend!

Really who?


Oh you lucky! He's amazing! He's amazing at sports and he's a great kisser!
by pussypopper123 May 08, 2013
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