A Savina is a beautiful girl that gets all the best guys. Everyone wants to be around her positive, badass energy. Savinas are also known to be very superstitious. A Savina is also caring for everyone, and can't hold grudges for long.
Person 1: "Hey yo, did you see that beautiful girl at the party?"
Person 2: "Hell yeah! That girl is a regular Savina!"
by KIKO! November 18, 2019
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Savina is a very attractive girl who usually gets the most attractive boys. Always enjoys a laugh around a casual smoke and bong. Savina's are great people!
Person 1: Yo dude, did you see Savina at the party?
Person 2: Yeah man, she was looking hot and was really funny!
by pieco October 30, 2011
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savina is a dry af person who doesn't understand what "Aight" is. she usually tells u to speak proper sentences.
note: this is satire, i'm doing this to piss off my friend who's pretending to be dry.
"ayo???? she's being really savina rn.." "yeah, so dry. ewww"
by imlennyandisuck July 14, 2021
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