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A sexual innuendo. Commonly used whenever someone makes a hesitation sound such as "uh" or "err", but it can also be used whenever someone is moaning, groaning, complaining, or simply trying to come up with an excuse to hide the truth.

Can be used given the right time regardless that you were originally in the conversation. Be warned though, results may vary.
Example 1)

You: Hey (insert name here), I heard that you were murking around that chick's house the other day.
2nd Person: ummmmm yeeeah........
You: Save it for the bedroom.

Example 2)
This Guy: So, you managed to let that guy get it in you.
That Hot Chick: Uuugh! I never let him in! Who the fuck is talking shit about me!
You: Slut, Save it for the bedroom.
by Snarf-HO December 12, 2010
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