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A Savannah Slushie occurs when two or more menstruating strippers give a man a lap dance. This leaves a red mixture on the recipients lap. Afterwards, this person will ideally become very drunk and pee their pants to complete the slushie. Variants of the slushie may include the person vomiting on the pants. In parts of Tokyo, diarrhea may be involved.

It is recommended to discard the pants after a night that involves a Savannah Slushie.
My best friend went out last night, wearing a sharp looking polo shirt and a real fine pair of Patagonia shorts. Little did he know his night would conclude with a Savannah Slushie. He was about to throw the pants into a dumpster, but we have word that the Smithsonian museum has requested the pants for a new exhibit.
by JeffsAccount July 15, 2019
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