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Close relatives to the former "sick boi mafia". A bunch of worthless wanna be thugs who are strapped with spray paint at all times. They like to meet at the local perkins and and socialize before they go tag some neighborhood signs. Reside in the Elk River area where the gang population is non existent and hicks run a muck. You can see their great spray paint work around elk river on signs where they tag "savage" or "savage life". They claim to tote hand guns and kill people but after being chased by the police they decided to throw them out their car window, so in other words they really don't have guns and don't kill people. So watch out they might vandalize a sign near you.
Dude the sick boi mafia is back! I saw them at perkins the other day bragging about all the signs they tagged!

No dude thats not their name anymore they are savage life. They all have tattoos that say savage life so they're legit now...

I would love to throw savage life into downtown L.A. and watch them get capped in 3 seconds.
by gettinitwet24/7 July 21, 2010
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Term of "purchasing property" in Cook county jail. So you first pick who you would like to own, then you proceed to knock that person out cold. Once they're good and unconscious you pull down their pants, spread their cheeks and spit into their butthole. In jail or prison that person's life is now yours after you perform such an act. You are now "living the savage life".
Yo you see that homie Daquan got his asshole spit into by Tyrelle? That nigga Tyrelle is on that savage life.
by SavageKing101 March 10, 2017
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For the faggots and homos out there. Savages love sucking dick, especially big white ones. They never win any gang fights. Savages are also really dumb and ugly. To be a Savage you must have microscopic penis. FACT.
White Savage pulls down pants.

All girls foam at mouth hungering for that huge hunk of meat.

Savage pulls down pants.

Scientisits thought it was a new species of bacteria.

Teacher: What is synonymous with weak and gay?

Student 1: Savage Life?

Teacher: Correct!
by Vontae Ward September 08, 2011
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one of the hardest clicks in minnesota

from elk river to northside no one wants to fuck with theese niggaz
they are savages and will destroy you
HATER:them savage life niggaz aint bout none...
haters homie: go say some to there face
HATER: naw man there to deep ill get my ass beat
by crazynighuh666420 January 23, 2010
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