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Discovering that the hot chick you just picked up is a Tranny and she/he is sporting a little secret sausage under that dress. By the time you discover this hidden gem, Its too late and you are too trapped to care.
Dude. That babe I picked up last night turned out to be a lady boy.

Did you get the hell out braaaaahhh?

Hell no brohhhh. I was sausage trapped. There was no turning back. I just closed my eyes.
by Eaton Holgoode November 16, 2015
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a room or attraction at a party that will draw only guys to it, improving the guy:girl ratio at the party
"We set up Rock Band upstairs to serve as a sausage trap."

"The free weed in my room is working great as a sausage trap."
by blzzrd95 March 15, 2009
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When your stuck between going
Steady and booty call
Her:love you

You:......luv you to
*puts down phone

Bro:you still seeing that sausage trap.

Didn't you say she was a psycho?

You: yeah but she gives good head.....
by CaucasianAlien October 31, 2016
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