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Saugatas are people who always try to own people via the internet but in person actually can't do anything. They are total spazzes. Saugatas are extremely small and have bad teeth. They tend to lie about their height. When in an argument in person, they usually end up spazzing and running away like a 4 year old child who has mental problems. Generally they are liked as a friend, but nothing more due to their filthy looking face and terribly formed physical features. Girls often hang out with Saugatas and become close friends, but if a Saugata ever tried to make a move, it would scare them miles away. Quite the lovable creature, but not one to get intimate with for the reasons that were stated earlier. Saugatas are fun filled characters who are full of life. Occasionally they will have mild body odor, but we all get past that. A lot of the time they smell like cheap Indian soaps. They have many nicknames that range from: Smurf, penguin, Saugs, Shogoto, Shogi Bear, Shog, Shoger, Short brown 8 year old, Spazz, Spazz attack, and Shogi Whogi.
Damn, did you see that Saugata today, we had to put a helmet on so he wouldn't hurt himself.

Wow that kid is 14 and is only 3 feet tall, what a Saugata!

Braces Commercial: "Don't Look like this filthy Saugata! Go to your nearest orthodontist and get Braces!"
by SaSu5656 December 19, 2008
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