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Sathini is a girl who always look gorg. no matter what. Generally, they are either really tall or really short. Sathini's are in fact smart and has a good sense of fashion. She is talented in every way. Singing, dancing, painting and especially being crazy. Everybody around her loves her as she is one of the best people to be with. Sathini will always be there if you need a shoulder to cry on. She is a selfless character who can keep secrets until she dies.
you can always look up to a sathini
by burrito2234 September 08, 2018
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A girl who o knows how to party, yet is still really sweet. Everyone loves her.

Be careful not to get on her bad side though, she can be crazy.
"Damn gurl, Sathini is tearing up the dance floor."
by afterdinnerdelight June 01, 2018
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