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To be passive-aggressive in a sassy tone of voice. The passive-aggressive comes from the words you use, while the sass comes from the vocal inflections you use when talking. It is more effective than just being sassy or passive-aggressive because you can use both at once for a double-whammy of insults.
*Two girls talking*
Girl 1: Do you like my new shirt? I picked it up at target.

Girl 2(sassily): Oh, I love how you just wear anything!

Girl 1: Damn bitch, that was really sassive-aggressive!
by connorgrs April 09, 2015
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Similar to being Passive Aggressive but with more attitude. More offensive than defensive, sassive aggression can provoke shame, guilt, or a confession out of the other person. It is particularly effective if used in a crowd where the other person is unable to defend him or herself.

It's also a bit sadistic.
Becky: "You should tell your roommate that you're done giving her second chances and the more she has to apologize, the less her apologies will mean. Her best friend will slowly start to resent her and drift away until the only person she could ever rely on is gone."
Jessica: "Even though you're talking about my roommate, I can tell that your words are meant for me. You're being Sassive Aggressive because you're not even trying to hide it, but only I understand the meaning. Since our other friends are nearby, I can't retaliate without making myself look bad so I just have to sit here and take it."
by seldoodeseehC December 03, 2015
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