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When pubic hair around the genitals or "Ballfro" is big enough to cover the entire crotchal region.
Gurchrude: "Omg!"

Helga: "What is it?"

Gurchrude: "Last night i banged a Lumberjack."

Helga: "...and?"

Gurchrude: "Nah. You wouldn't believe me if i told you.."

Helga: "Tell me anyway."

Gurchrude: "Ok.. Last night... i saw... a Sasquatch Crotch!"

Helga: "Mmmm, yummy."
by Zach Wagner March 01, 2009
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The hairiest crotch you have ever seen.
The bitch took her panties off and I was staring A Sasquatch crotch right in the I told the bitch to trim that shit and I gave her the Dirty tomahawk when I was done.
by Dump truck December 23, 2016
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