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SasoDei is a yaoi/shounen-ai pairing from Naruto: Shippuden. The two are partners in the Akatsuki and rival artists, and they look very cute together.
Kelly: OMG!!! I finally updated on my SasoDei fanfic!!
Shawny: Is there Sakura-bashing?
Kelly: Hell yuss! SasoDei pwns SasoSaku or DeiSaku in the ass!! She's a no-good whore. :D
Shawny: SasoDei forever!!
by FirienTheVampire May 23, 2009
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Sasodei is a Naruto yaoi or shounen-ai pairing. Saso being Sasori, Dei being Deidara.
Sasodei is my OTP!! :D
by Syphilis Virus March 26, 2007
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