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Sarunna Gang

A gang based out of Wyoming that came to Colorado. They have allies that are Bloods (Colorado) GKI (Colorado) NSM (Colorado) Norteños (Wyoming) . They run Black market cannabis. They claim land by doing Graffiti. In Delta County Colorado you may see WMS for Western Main Sarunnas living on Western Main street in some cities. There rivals are Juggalos (The gang not singers) #303 Crips and KKK or white supremacists gangs. Colors can be wherever there from or chapter. In the south west chapter its red and black. In the North west chapter green and black. In the East chapter in Boston is Purple and Black

You know its a Sarunna when you hear. Break yoself! Which means drop your valuables. Tuck it. Hide your stuff. Drop em. They want to fight you
When they say watch your back they mean it.
Sarunnas- A gang in the western central USA
by NB of the western Sarunnas November 04, 2016
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A small Native American Gang in the south western Colorado.

There rivals are the Juggalos and the HSM in western Colorado.
Mostly in drugs and anything for big cash.
Involves hackers and regular street credit.
Doesnt care about your age they will find you if you involve them or there business.
NB and Deuce in a Half are Western Main Sarunnas
by NB of the western Sarunnas October 12, 2016
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