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is the capital of North Hwanghae Province, North Korea. The city's population is estimated to be 310,100 people
Sariwon took place on 17 October 1950 during the United Nations (UN) counter-offensive against the North Korean forces which had invaded South Korea. With many North Korean units falling back under pressure from UN forces the 27th British Commonwealth Brigade under Brigadier Basil Coad—–comprising the 1st Battalion, the Argyll and Sutherland Highland Regiment, the 1st Battalion, the Middlesex Regiment and 3rd Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment—–captured the town of Sariwon during a confused and largely one-sided action. Elements of the 7th US Cavalry Regiment were also involved. North Korean casualties included 215 killed and more than 3,700 captured, whilst British.
by xitavhudzi November 01, 2016
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