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An angel claimed to be of the order Seraphim by some accounts. Also claimed to be one of the Grigori. This is the angel that, according to the Ethiopian Book of Enoch, taught humans the "course of the sun and the moon" against the will of god.

This name is oftentimes synonymous with the name
by sariel November 12, 2004
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Sariel is a girl who's quiet and seems innocent (but she really isn't). Once you get to know her, she will be really open and extroverted with you, but she might need some space at times. She is a girl who will always listen to your problems and help you when you're in need. Her shoulder will always be there for you to cry upon. She's a really sensitive girl and she takes the suffering of others to heart and has the tendency to feel their pain as her own. She hates seeing others suffer while being happy herself. She might seem quiet but there's a thousand thoughts growing through her head.
"Why's Sariel crying?"
"A character in her book died"
"What? Just because of that?"
"She was also crying about the holocaust yesterday*
by Sarahisgone March 19, 2019
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