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Also known as SDS.
The delusion that you are relevant enough to be compared to a prominent figure in society, enough to have a syndrome named after you (i.e. Trump Derangement Syndrome). Symptoms include but are not limited to: an increased sense of self-superiority, poorly-thought-out arguments, poorly-thought-out accusations of pedophilia, latching onto popular trends to make money, and chronic smug chuckling. Named for popular alt-lite Youtuber Sargon of Akkad.
Dude 1: Those SJWs have SDS
Dude 2: lol what
Dude 1: Sargon Derangement Syndrome.
Dude 2: nigga that's not a thing
Dude 1: Yeah it is, the Feminazis are defying logic to get Sargon banned from the internet.
Dude 2: isn't that what they do that anyway
Dude 1: Yeah, but they're targeting Sargon.
Dude 2: lmao, the only person who's deranged is the faggot who thinks he's anything like trump because he bought his way into UKIP
Dude 1: Whatever, you're just an alt-right nazi.
Dude 2: lol, kill urself
by Thotbliterator February 11, 2019
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