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A fusion of two words: Sarcastic and Bastard. Many bastards are sarcastic and vice versa. Hence this great word which I made up and should have patented, though it will most likely never catch on with the masses.
by OverThinking March 20, 2004
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sar-'kas-terd n. A conflation of "sarcastic" and "bastard."
Sondra: Why'd you get fired today, Jim!!
Jim: Well, I guess I was a bit of a sarcastard during the conference call.
by Frank Wheeler February 24, 2017
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Someone who is retarded at picking up on sarcasm.
"millionaire is the worlds greatest show!"
"i know right!!! i lurv it sooooo much!"
"uh, dude, sarcastic, you are such a sarcastard!!"
by argustuft November 05, 2011
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