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The state of have just been belittled or reduced to sub-human status by a person named Sarah. The feeling of being Sarah-fied will not resonate with the victim because it is usually done in a manner of which they are not made aware. Being Sara-fied does not neccasarily represent the truth about that person just who they are in Sarah's own mind.

If you are Sarah-fied you will have to accept that Sarah now thinks of you in this way for the time being and your mere presence will result in unadulterated and uncontrollable angst.

Sarah-fied is however a reversable action. You may redeem yourself.
Taking the bus to a dining hall, drunk, and wearing yoga pants, ugg boots and a north face jacket significantly increases your chances of being Sarahfied.
by ljk44 March 30, 2012
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the process of being intoxicated unintentionally thru an execution of a london bridge.
plop just got sarahfied! mwahhahahaha
by crackyusa October 06, 2006
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