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She is a young lady who truly believes she possesses the traits of an Egyptian princess. Living in a small village cut off from reality she often wanders aimlessly searching for a friend. Besides that she occasionally finds herself watching the wedding planner and dreaming of finding her Egyptian prince in Horsham. She is often found distracting her peers at university with her obscene heckling, constant foul language and poor use of landannn slang. It is frequently suggested that her Chunky-ass jewellery blocks peoples vision and now 'n' then you find her fake tan smothered upon your threads. 99% of her life is her Blackberry whilst her past-times include Primark...and..Primark.
I'm boppin down to Egypt to find me a SaraFouad.
SaraFouad bruvvv.
I found a SaraFouad in the primark stock room.
by Atkin and Jamie Bear May 04, 2010
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