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A name for a specific type of haircut which is famously given to poodles in the Hollywood and Essex area.
This is where the head of the poodle is left fully haired however the rest of the body is clean shaven apart from the ankles, all of the hair is then died an ill ominous pink color. (This style is very popular within the gay communities.)
It is unclear how this originates from the word sapsford however I have seen manly price lists in the above areas advertising for 'give your dog a sapsford'
by Sam Titingham July 31, 2006
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Sapsford is a secretion that is left after the occurrence of intercourse of the three legged snazelpuss spotted frog, generally located in Essex.

Green in colour, toxic to the touch also numbered to be the 4th worst smell in the world and has the texture of mushy pees. However when released by the gay snazelpuss frog it is stated to have a rather pleasant odour of sap from a tree, hence the origin of its name, Sapsford.

by Lavanta tamsin July 24, 2006
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