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A common Filipino term used to describe a hand-gesture of approval. Hand-gesture is described to be in a form of a right-handed thumbs-up wherein thumbs are flinted against each other by two persons when a task is completed as a sign of approval. Origin of the word is said to come from a Spanish-based creole called "Chavacano" which is a mixture of Visayan dialect and Spanish language. The word is a combination of two words which are 1.) from the Visayan word of "santik" which means "flint" in English and 2.) from the Spanish word "aqui" which have in time mutated to "aki" or "ki" on the Spanish-based creole which means "here" in English hence "santik" + "ki" = "santiki".
Pedro: Hey Joe, can you build a bonfire or something?

Joe: Yeah sure no problemo pedro.

Joe: *makes bonfire* *completes task* There done.

Pedro: Cool!!! Santiki Joe! *raises right-handed thumbs-up*

Joe: Santiki! *raises right-handed thumbs-up* *flints his thumb to Pedro's thumb*
by WJC ;) May 11, 2008
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