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Sanjayarrhea is a severe and uncontrollable increase in the frequency and viscosity of bowel movements resulting from the overuse of hair care products combined with regular consumption of Indian food.
Sanjayarrhea should be distinguished from other conditions that can be confused with it. Although they may accompany Sanjayarrhea, they often have different causes. These other conditions are:
1. Incontinence of stool, which is the inability to control (delay) bowel movements until an appropriate time, i.e., until American Idol rewind is over.
2. An unforeseen rectal urgency which accompanies a fart that is so strong it overcomes all attempts at control. See shartalanche.
3. Incomplete evacuation, which is a sensation that another bowel movement is necessary soon after a bowel movement, See Chriscrockerahea.
That Chicken Tikka Makhani was awesome but the next thing I knew I was blowing Sanjayarrhea all over my new car.

Halfway through getting her highlights done Britney noticed Sanjayarrhea dribbling down her leg; unfortunately, she did not make it to the toilet.
by David L Miller October 03, 2007
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