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Sanford School, located in Hockessin Delaware, is among one of the small private schools within the Delaware Independent School Conference. While they suffer from their lack of football and terrible spring sports teams, they reign supreme in both boys and girls basketball in the winter; both teams being Delaware state champions in the 2009-2010 season. Fine females and superb academics are some of the positive aspects of the school. Most of the kids enjoy getting shmammered on the weekends and attending other private school festivities. You can catch a lot of them at social events like Point to Point or Professional sporting events. Maybe places like The King of Prussia Mall or fine restaurants like Hibachi for a night out with "the girlies."
However, the school itself is a rumor-infested pit of lies and two-facedness because of the small student population. A single rumor will be known to the entire upper and middle school within the hour.
It is a very calm and tolerable school once one has come to cope with the gayness. Minus the freaks and the weirdos, the kids are normal and respectful and always down for a good time when it comes to it.
-Hey! You go to sanford school?
-Yea yup.
-Woah! Don't you guys fuck shit up in basketball all day every day?
-Yea yup.

by The Foxxx May 21, 2010
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